Unlike most of our competitors, we understand that consulting encompasses many different concepts. Pixel Squared offers various consulting services to both the home & business sectors. Whether it's a new PC for the home office, or an entire IT overhaul, we're able to point you in the right direction, with straight forward, and honest answers.

Why a Consultant?

As a small or medium business, you probably don't need a full team of IT employees. In fact, many businesses don't even have any dedicated IT staff, instead another employee who appears to be 'in the know', manages the system in an ad hoc manner. While this may work in the short term, you have to consider that:
  • The Employee is distracted from their actual position
  • They're usually not trained professionals
  • Their knowledge of available products and market trends is not always up to date
  • The time it takes to diagnose and repair an issue is much longer
  • You're likely going to lose time and money in the long run!

We're able to provide your business with all the facades of the IT department, from technical support, software design and integration, infrastructure, parts & repairs, and so on, with sound technical knowledge, and service with a smile!

The Offer

So whether you're a home user, or a business of any size, if we haven't yet convinced you that Pixel Squared is right for you, give us a call or drop us a line, and we'll provide you with a free assessment of your current IT needs, and a free, no obligation, written quote.

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